Fixing the PhysX “Failed To Install” Error

Did your version of PhysX fail to install or have you tried to play a game and it errors out and closes due to an error that could be related to missing PhysX libraries? Maybe Wise Installer is claiming that you are missing some files (extensions .wsi / .msi)? Then you have come to the right place and I am going to give you some instructions that should hopefully solve your problem.

The Problem

Recently I had a moment of Nostalgia and bought Overlord II from the Steam store but to my dismay, upon startup it encountered an error and aborted the program. This was the error message that I encountered:

Microsoft Virtual C++ Runtime Library

Assertion failed!!

Program: C:\Overlord II\Overlord2.exe
File: ..\FxSDK\Src\FxName.cpp
Line: 461

Expression FxFalse != removeResult

For information on how your programa can cause an assertion
failure, see the Visual C++ documentation on asserts

(Press Retry do debug the application – JIT must be enabled)

I had no idea what could be causing that problem so I looked it up online and discovered people that said it was due to a PhysX installation error; in the end it turns out that was the case but it took some clever steps to make sure that I properly fixed the problem. Here is the quick guide to solving the problem in a few steps as possible.

The Solution

This problem is usually caused by PhysX trying to get rid of the last installation before it upgrades and failing to do so because it was only a partial install. So to fix that first we have to reinstall/fix the version that was supposed to install properly and then move on to installing the version that you want to install. As one of the viewers of this page put it:

It’s a one step backwards, two steps forwards kinda situation.

Without any further explanation lets just jump straight into the steps:

Important: These steps apply to Windows 7 though they may work in Windows Vista.

Step 1: Discover what version of PhysX installed to your machine or what version your machine thinks it has installed.

To do this press the start button and type in “Programs and Features” and run it:

Open "Programs and Features"

Then once that is open wait for the list of installed items to populate (it may take some time or be instant depending on your computer) and then scroll down to “Nvidia PhysX”. The version number that is supposed to be installed will be present on the far right (click on the image to enlarge it):

Using Programs and Features to find the PhysX Version number.

So as you can see my currently installed version number is “9.11.1107” but yours will be different and that is the one you want because it will be important in the next section.

Step 2: Download the version of PhysX that should have installed correctly but did not.

Important: If you want an easy way to do this just use this simple little form I wrote:

This paragraph until Step 3 is now old and is only useful if the link breaks and you need to generate the url yourself. The correct way of doing this is to go to:<version_number>-driver.html

Where you are supposed to replace <version_number> with the correct version that you discovered in the step above and then navigate to that url in your browser.

Note: If you did not manage to find the correct download (you get ‘File Not Found’ errors) then please google “physx <version_number>” to find the correct installer / executable for you to run in the next step.

Step 3: Fix the initial install of the program.

Run the program that you downloaded and you should get a screen that asks you to Modify, Repair or Remove the program. You want to select ‘Modify’ and click ‘Next’. If you do not get the screen shown below then you have downloaded the incorrect installer in step 2:

Once you have done that just keep selecting the next option and it should clean up your entire install and run successfully. If it does not then yet another problem has occurred and this guide may not be able to help you further. You may have some luck with an alternative solution that David Orders has suggested in the comments section.

Step 4: Install the latest version of PhysX

Now that you have fixed the installation of PhysX you are free to download and install the latest version of PhysX onto your machine. Go here to do so:


That is all that there is to it. You should now have PhysX working correctly on your machine and be playing games and anything that you want in no time. If you continue to have problems then mention them in the comments to help other people that are trying to solve the same problem. I hope this helps.

42 thoughts on “Fixing the PhysX “Failed To Install” Error

  1. there is people who get this error message
    and they have ATI graphics card >.>
    like me so waht is the solution????????????

  2. This is the single only page that has been able to help me with this issue which I’ve had for weeks now. Thank you so much, you made solving this aggravating problem so easy.

  3. When I try to run it it gives me an error that says that a .msi file is missing. It’s stuck at 9.12.0213

    • When you say ‘try to run it’ what is ‘it’? Is is a version of the PhysX installer? If so, then what version? If you have tried the steps I outlined above and are still encountering issues then you will need to give me more details in order to help you.

    • Had the same issue… solution was that the downloaded MSI used two dashes, where it was looking for underscores. So instead of PhysX-9.12.0213-SystemSoftware.msi, manually change the filename to PhysX_9.12.0213_SystemSoftware.msi.

  4. Thanks – a variation of this fixed it for me when I had a similar error with Mafia 2, except for an additional problem – I was getting an “Installation Terminated” error everytime I tried to run that earlier version installer, and it couldn’t be removed from Programs and Features either. I had to run this: and select the Uninstall -> NVidia PhysX option within FixIt, Then I could just uninstall PhysX from the Programs and Features list directly and install the newest version after.

    With that tool, you may possibly be able to skip the part above involving the earlier version of PhysX, at least in some cases, though it may depend on the error.


    • I had this issue with installing a new version of physx, it was saying something like – x “is not a valid installation package for the product” physx – and was able to uninstall it successfully (after nvidia failed 100s of times) using the microsoft fixit tool. Thanks!

      Sidenote: I caused my problem by deleting the installers folder on my computer to try to save space.

  5. Robert – I tried your method but kept getting the error message that the *.msi file for my version of PhysX was not found (my PhysX installer was one of the older versions, 9.10.0223 that ended in *.exe). The error message referenced the version of the video driver it was looking for. I downloaded that driver, extracted the files, and there was *.msi I needed. I ran the PhysX installer again, and when I got the error message I navigated to the *.msi file, clicked OK, and it uninstalled it. Then I ran the installer for the current version of PhysX, and it worked fine.

    • That is interesting, this is the first that I have heard that the method that I suggested did not work for somebody so thanks for letting me know. I’ll update the post at the end to suggest that, if somebody cannot solve it using my method then they should give your good solution a try. Thanks for the alternative solution, I am sure that many people will thank you for it.

  6. Hello everytime i try to run the new PhysX it gives me the notice that “There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A script required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor” and i followed every step.

  7. Well, i can’t seem to find the program for Nvidia Physx in my program and features window.
    it may have been because i already uninstalled that particular part of nvidia’s driver updates, so i don’t know which version i had.
    either case, i tried downloading the latest one but the physx program is still being adamant of not being properly installed and therefore failing to install…
    any more words of wisdom on my part???

    • Hmmm, without the version of NVidia that you failed to install I am not sure what I can do here. If you go to the NVidia Control Panel what version of PhysX does it say that you are supposed to have installed?

  8. I get this Fatal Error : ”Not support now” when I try to modify it and when I try to repair it, it says : ”A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file: C:\Users\JC\Desktop\PhysX_9.12.1031_SystemSoftware.msi” And when I try to install the latest version it says : ”The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2738.” The weirdest thing about that is that when I check my programs I can’t see nvidia physX… like it’s not installed but the nvidia installer says I have the version 19.12.1031 installed… very wierd

    • I don’t know what to make of that. I would agree that it seems very weird and I am having trouble figuring out what the problem might be. I was wondering if you could try to do that again and then take screenshots and put them on imgur for me to view. I may be able to help out more if you do that and, if nothing else, it may help others in the future.

    • “Not support now” does not seem like a very descriptive message. However, if that means that the installer no longer supports the modify operation then this guide may need to be updated to support the latest installers. That would be annoying.

  9. Hi guys.

    I cannot figure out which version of Physx I had since i uninstalled it prior to trying to install the new driver which failed.

    How can I figure out which version I had?

    for the record im running an evga geforce gtc 670 ftw on windows 8

  10. Nvm. I figured it out.

    For anyone else with the same problem.

    Open up Nvidia control panel, then hit “system information” at the bottom left. Then hit the components tab and you should see “physx.dll” and right next to it will show the version.

    Now I’ll try to reinstall the new driver and see if that fixed it

    • No problems, I am just happy that you got there in the end and are able to go back to playing games! And you left some useful info for anybody else looking to find their version of PhysX so I’m happy. GG

  11. I don’t understand, when I check my programs I can’t find nvidia physx, it’s not there but the 331.58-notebook-win8-win7-64bit-international-whql installer, the one I needed for my laptop, installed everything but the physX, it says that I have the version 9.12.1031, but when I try to modify : Fatal Error, not supported, repair : A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file : C:\Users\JC\Desktop\Programs\PhysX_9.12.1031_SystemSoftware.msi and when I try to remove it says the installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2738. It is really annoying, no matter what, I can’t do shit… I think it’s because when I tried installing a new version it didn’t remove the old version properly and now it’s not even reckonized anymore… I really don’t know what to do, maybe I should completely remove nvidia from my laptop and then reinstall it with the proper version? I’m confused, I don’t even know how to do that lol.

    • I would first attempt to look into why you are getting a “network error” when trying to access something on your C drive. Is your C:/ drive network mounted or something like that? Because then network access problems could be your issue.

  12. When its comes up with the Modify, Repair and Remove selection I press modify and then Next and then a message pops up saying ” Not Support Now “. What does it mean and what do i do?

    • Is that the whole message? Could you take a screenshot using “Print Screen” and Microsoft Paint and upload it to and then paste it back in here please? That would be handy and we would be able to see the entire problem. Cheers.

  13. hey, i have a similar problem but i really need help, not even Nvidia could help me.
    I apparently have 9.13.075 installed, but it’s not showing up in control panel, and when i update drivers, it says my current version of PhysX is none. The only place i can see my current version is on the system info inside my nvidia control panel. I cannot follow your steps, because when i run the .msi of my current install, a message comes up saying: “The Data Configuration is Corrupt, please contact your support personnel. When i try to update to a newer version, it tells me that it can’t remove the older version, and when i try to install and even older version than the one i apparently have installed, it tells me that i have a later driver version installed already. PLEASE help, i have tried everything, Driver Sweeper, Revo (apparently the bets uninstaller) and both of them were in safe mode so that nothing was running. I beg you to help me, I have heaps of games installed that require PhysX but i can’t run them because i don’t have it on my computer.

    I pray you have a solution.

  14. I am in the same situation, not showing in c.p., and i we are not alone, there are many user that had not visible the version, in the control panel, or had unisntalled the old version, it is a shame that a company like nvidia have not fixed this issue yet, in new drivers, months looking for a solution, that i think must be very easy, like to fix the installer, i will rethink next time i have to buy a G. card.

  15. I have the same issue, after attempting to fix a Battlefield 3 crash and failing to launch Pirates of the Burning Sea, I had finally realized that PhysX had failed to install properly so I had come here. After looking at your guide, I had went to the link provided for the version of PhysX I supposedly had (I had to check through the Nvidia Driver Update client, the PhysX program was not in my list of Programs and Features.) and have gotten the error as a few other users above when attempting to modify the file “Not Support Now” perbatim.
    This is absolutely annoying and hopefully you can provide some fix for this issue I would like to try Pirates of the Burning Sea soon before I lose interest completely.

  16. Also having the exact same issue. Physics v 9.13.1220 and NVidia 335.23 for win7 64bit international English 680GTX card. When trying to modify get the Not Support Now, but it did un-install after which I ran the program after downloading the physics file and alas still have the same message about physics not being installed.
    I have checked, rechecked and also removed all graphics card drivers, redownloaded and re-installed and am now thoughly sure that some games are just no longer compatible with later graphics card drivers. Unfortunatly that means that prirates of the burning sea and a couple of others (notable from Steam) that I have had no longer work, after purchasing one of the said games fro Steam recently I am going to be asking for a re-inburstment as it no longer works with todays systems. It has to be that as I have re-installed said driver and whole graphics card drivers anew several times without success

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